What We Do

Cypherpath enables continuous cyber resiliency and risk mitigation for organizations.


Cypherpath moves organizations beyond cybersecurity and into a continuous cycle of cyber resiliency. A cyber resilient organization can prepare, adapt, respond, and recover from adverse cyber events, reducing exposure time and the impact of multiple serious threats. Cypherpath has been engineered from the ground up for financial companies and governments which are consistently targeted by advanced cyberattacks. Today's organizations of every size and type depend on the internet to carryout business which has made persistent threats and sophisticated attacks universal. Cyber resilient organizations understand that cyber attacks are inevitable and to attain business security they need to adopt a continuous cycle of cyber resiliency.

Cyber Resilient Enterprise

Increase your cyber resilience and mitigate risk. Rapidly enable your organization to prepare, adapt, respond, and recover from ongoing threats. Continuously engage in a cycle of resiliency to effectively address the evolving threat landscape and withstand disruption.

Cyber Agility

Standardize and automate the way you build, operate, and secure infrastructure and applications across the enterprise. Rapidly respond to unexpected challenges, events, and opportunities. Dynamically review and adjust processes, technologies, tools, and services as threats evolve.

Freedom of Choice

Get the flexibility to grow your cyber needs in a way that works best for your organization. Rapidly rollout prebuilt customizable cyber environments from Cypherpath Hub with a single click or build your own. Start big or small, Cypherpath provides resiliency for existing and emerging technologies and threats.

What is Cypherpath SDI OS™?

Cypherpath SDI OS is the world's leading platform for cyber resiliency and risk mitigation by delivering scalable resilient cyber environments anywhere. SDI OS is a complete solution that enables organizations to rapidly build, operate, and deploy segmented heterogeneous cyber environments entirely in software. Cypherpath SDI OS natively integrates compute, virtualization, networking, storage, and security into a scale-out stack all in software. SDI OS then takes cyber resiliency to a whole new level by letting you define every aspect of each cyber environment as self-contained workloads (SDIs) with a single point of control. Cypherpath SDI OS is more that just an operating system and provides all the pieces required for enterprise cyber operations through all stages of the resiliency cycle including automation, security, governance, high availability, multi-tenancy and support. SDI OS enables IT leaders to choose how to create and manage their cyber environments, cost effectively, and without architecture or infrastructure lock-in.

    Broad Ecosystem

    Leverage a broad ecosystem that includes thousands of technologies covering the entire IT stack. Run existing and emerging cyber solutions and threats.


    Transparently distribute and automate cyber environments through intelligent resource pooling. Deploy a holistic environment with a single click.

    High Availability

    Scale as needed by adding additional servers. Stay operational with automated failovers, recoveries, and live backups.

    Run Everywhere

    Build once and run everywhere with resiliency. SDIs are stored and executed as digital files. SDI OS runs in the data center, lab, cloud, or edge.

Use Cases

Cypherpath's approach starts with the existing solutions and applications that run your business. Cypherpath's architecture frees up time and resources to focus on cyber resiliency and risk mitigation. SDI OS has the flexibility to run today's and tomorrow's technologies and threats enabling you to reach cyber resiliency faster. Once cyber environments are software defined, Cypherpath rapidly addresses cyber resiliency and risk mitigation needs across the organization. Cypherpath brings existing technologies forward and provides a platform for future development. Limit potential damage to your business when a disaster strikes by achieving new found cyber resiliency, ROI, time to market, and time to value.

Resilient Cyber Environments

Rapidly rollout or configure cyber environments to meet the demands of frequently changing threats and evolving technology needs. Onboard new solutions on shared hardware while increasing efficiency. Support heterogenous software and networking offerings on-demand.

Scalable Immutable Cyber Environments

Rapidly configure and scale cyber environments to meet the evolving needs of cyber resiliency and risk mitigation stages. Ensure cyber environments are consistently resettable to a pristine state. Enable environment ease of use, deployment agility, and self service provisioning.

Emulated Production Cyber Environments

Recreate production networked workload environments in software, and enable production applications to execute without change in user experience. Support heterogenous software and networking offerings. Obtain TCO reductions, design agility, rapid configuration, modification, and deployment of cyber environments.

Edge Computing Cyber Environments

Build cyber environments centrally and deploy in multiple locations consistently. Easily customize remote environments. Enable multi-tenancy and multiple environment execution at distributed sites.