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Category: Corporate News

Announcing our New Redesigned Website and the Cypherpathâ„¢ Cyber Resilience Platform

Cypherpath has enabled customer organizations to build, operate, and deploy virtualized cyber resilient solutions with multiple use cases for cybersecurity software that includes DevOps and Cyber Ranges delivering training and exercises. As the number of cyber incidents grow exponentially, experts agree that while the traditional approach of focusing on hardening the perimeter, containing the attack…
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What Does It Mean to Be Cyber Resilient?

Resiliency is a popular trending term describing anything from personality traits to business enterprise models, but what does it really mean to be resilient? So what is cyber resiliency? Cyber resiliency is an ever evolving construct directed around ensuring the security, recoverability, and continuity of systems and networks in the context of their value to a…
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