Case Study

Northrop Grumman

Global aerospace company selects Cypherpath's SDI OS™ to deliver IT.

"Cypherpath has saved us a tremedous amount of time and makes perfect sense. Along with sharing environments with users, there is capability to clone entire cyber environments!"

Connor Riley Cyber Systems Administrator - Northrop Grumman

Business Summary

Northrop Grumman is a leading global aerospace and defense company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems, cyber, C4ISR, logistics, and modernization to government and commercial customers worldwide.

Northrop Grumman established the Cyber Academy in 2011 to meet a critical demand for a highly trained cyber workforce. The Cyber Academy was chartered to be the educational conduit for both internal Northrop Grumman personnel and the broader DoD, intelligence community (IC) and federal/civil customer base. The Northrop Grumman Cyber Academy provides training courses, learning opportunities and career certification pathways for employees and customers to increase their knowledge of cybersecurity and cyber warfare.

In 2015, Cypherpath enabled the Cyber Academy to simplify business operations and fully leverage existing infrastructure to respond faster to market demands, while driving down cost to meet new business demands. The Northrup Cyber Academy deployed Cypherpath’s SDI OS to streamline and consolidate their entire training infrastructure into self-contained software-defined infrastructures. Simply put, Cypherpath enabled the Cyber Academy to create, deliver, and execute IT infrastructure ­better than anyone else. Cypherpath competed against HP, Cisco, and VMware for the business. The Cyber Academy selected Cypherpath over others for the SDI OS’s unique capability to rapidly build and deploy SDIs as files with its SDI as a file architecture. Northrop Grumman now saves SDIs as single files to a repository and deploys them on-demand as needed.

Reducing Costs and Accelerating Business Growth

IT infrastructure deployments persistently lag behind business demands, limiting the velocity of business growth within the Cyber Academy. The cost and time it took for the Academy to manage these challenges was skyrocketing. Meeting the stringent requirements was a big challenge in addressing their needs, which included the ability to:

  • Enable private, hybrid, public, and mobile classroom capabilities.
  • Consolidate resources to single platform for ease of management.
  • Create operational infrastructure based on infrastructure models.
  • Provide easy management of resources and infrastructure.
  • Create entire IT environments rapidly.
  • Use infrastructure resources and revert back to an original state.
  • Support a dispersed workforce.

A leader in innovation, Northrup Grumman recognized the potential to deploy their first software-defined training center. Network and system architectures must be flexible enough to allow innovation in response to constantly evolving threats and emerging technologies. Standalone approaches are never enough. Cypherpath’s SDI OS provided the bridge necessary to adopt a software­‐defined solution with its infrastructurecontainer architecture. The Cyber Academy infrastructure team can now securely create, provision, and deploy any level of architecture sophistication with rich applications on one platform. Now all IT compute, network and storage resources are provided in software to create a “logical training lab.”

Cypherpath provided a software license solution that enables the Cyber Academy to create, provision, manage, orchestrate, and optimize their IT infrastructure (compute, network, and storage) environments from a holistic platform using Northrup Grumman x86 servers. The results:

  • Accelerated infrastructure delivery times by 90%.
  • Reduced project and administration costs by 40%.
  • Reduced hardware expenditure by 60%.

The Path Ahead

The Cyber Academy articulated the success story to 14 divisions within Northrup Grumman which led to two additional Use Cases for business opportunities. This surfaced several requirements to support DevOps and testing for a large government contracts with the Bureau of Census and others. Again, Cypherpath competed against HP, Cisco, and VMware for the business and Cypherpath was selected as the provider of choice for the following capabilities:

  • Testing massive size and scale of end-to-end enterprise architected solutions.
  • Supporting infrastructure dependencies for application development.
  • Streamlining software development.
  • Testing multiple environments simultaneously.
  • Testing routing protocols and access controls.