Case Study


Global system integrator provides IT mission support with Cypherpath.

"The ease and simplicity of modifying, dynamically provisioning, and resetting up thousands of cyber environments at a time is a game changer for our operations."

Brian Demuth Executive Director, Cyber Range - ManTech International

Business Summary

ManTech International Corporation is a multi-billion dollar public company that provides mission support to the Department of Defense Cyber Range. The  DoD Cyber Range is a realistic network environment which replicates the Global Information Grid (GIG) that is a simulation of operational networks used to safely test capabilities and train DoD personnel on how to prevent and defend against network intrusions.

In order to achieve scale and efficiency, ManTech was tasked with creating the next generation training environment for the United States Navy. Naval destroyer shipboard personnel are required to learn and demonstrate specific job skills related to their network security duties. This was a challenge due to the sheer number of network components, as well as the sophistication and complexity of the network environments. ManTech used Cypherpath’s SDI OS™ to consolidate all of their physical infrastructure into self-contained software-defined infrastructures. This enabled ManTech mission support teams to:

  • Build and deploy virtual infrastructure with thousands of resources at a time.
  • Eliminate the procurement, provision and maintenance of hundreds of physical boxes from multiple vendors.
  • Serve multiple customers simultaneously, remotely, and more efficiently.

ManTech considered several other virtualization vendors, including VMware, for the solution. ManTech selected Cypherpath for it’s unique capability to rapidly build and deploy infrastructures as self-contained files entirely in software with its SDI as a File architecture.

Migrating Physical Infrastructures to Software Containers

Prior to using Cypherpath, the United States Navy training program had a limitation due to the physical systems which impacted the scale of service. The typical hardware and software architecture deployed exceeded $10M. The operational cost burden to manage the physical resources required two full time staff to constantly reset and configure the training environments. Lastly, United States Naval personnel had to travel to a centralized location and were only allowed access to segments of the labs due to lack of resources and multiple personnel training at a time. To solve the problem, the customer required ManTech to virtualize and massively scale the infrastructure solution.

Mantech recognized the potential to eliminate the traditional headaches associated with physical infrastructure and hypervisor only solutions by migrating to software-defined infrastructure. Cypherpath enabled ManTech to centralize the orchestration and provisioning of thousands of virtualized resources. This led to:

  • Accelerated infrastructure delivery times by 50%.
  • Reduced project and operational costs by 80%.
  • Reduced hardware expenditure by 90%.

The Path Ahead

ManTech’s long-term vision to support their customer base extends well beyond training. As a centralized resource for every Department in the US military, ManTech is responsible for delivering hundreds of cyber exercise and environments for their customer base. The epiphany of virtualizing all of the physical resources in software-defined infrastructures has led them to develop an infrastructure ecosystem. Cypherpath’s SDI OS is being used as the centralized tool for building, delivering, and provisioning IT infrastructure. Mantech places the SDIs in a centralized repository for constant use and reuse, saving thousands of man hours in operational costs.