Case Study

Jones and Bartlett

World-leading education technology company builds hands-on learning with Cypherpath.

"Cypherpath enables us to build real world, scenario based cyber environments that align with job and cert compentencies. Students walk away with skills."

Jim Homer President - Jones and Bartlett Learning

Business Summary

Jones and Bartlett Learning is a provider of instructional, assessment and learning-performance management solutions for secondary, post-secondary, and professional markets.

Jones and Bartlett Learning sought to increase the breadth and depth of infrastructure resources to provide richer IT environments in which to learn and apply IT skills. Given the sheer number of students and users Jones and Bartlett supports this was a real challenge to provide each student their own IT infrastructure resources at scale. Jones and Bartlett turned to Cypherpath's SDI architecture to provide the sophistication and complexity of IT environments needed to support each student with hands-on learning objectives.

In 2015, Cypherpath enabled Jones and Bartlett to rapidly provide students with their own complex infrastructure environments wile also driving down costs. Jones and Bartlett used Cypherpath's SDI OS™ to:

  • Provide each student their own copy of sophisticated infrastructure.
  • Streamline and consolidate their entire infrastructure into self-contained software-defined infrastructures.
  • Support instructor content design and development.
  • Use infrastructure resources that could revert back to a prestine state.
  • Support a dispersed student and user base.

Jones and Bartlett considered several other infrastructure vendors, including VMware, for the solution. Jones and Bartlett selected Cypherpath for it's unique capability to rapidly build and deploy complete IT environments entirely in software with its SDI architecture.

Reducing Costs and Accelerating Business Growth

Prior to using Cypherpath, Jones and Bartlett had a limitation to the scope and depth that could be provided to students due to constraints on the number of machines, networks, and resources that could be provided on-demand. To solve this problem Jones and Bartlett wanted to rapidly provide students with hands-on operational realism. To acheive this they needed to be able to build new labs and content and deliver them on-demand.

Jones and Bartlett recognized the potential to provide rich hands-on operational infrastructure experiences while reducing costs. By moving beyond the limitations of physical hardware and hypervisor only solutions and migrating to software-defined infrastructure Cypherpath enabled Jones and Bartlett to centralize the orchestration and provisioning of complex resources for each student. This has led to:

  • Accelerated lab and course delivery by 60%.
  • Reduced cost and administration costs by 40%.
  • Reduced hardware expenditure by 90%.

The Path Ahead

Jones and Bartlett's long term vision to support their customer base extends well beyond the current provided courses. The ability to place infrastructure in self-contained SDIs has led them to begin migrating additional courses and building deeper operational realism and hands-on activities for students. Cypherpath's SDI OS is being used as the centralized tool for building, delivering, and provisioning IT infrastructure for Jones and Bartlett.