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Announcing our New Redesigned Website and the Cypherpath™ Cyber Resilience Platform

Announcing our New Redesigned Website and the Cypherpath™ Cyber Resilience Platform

Cypherpath has enabled customer organizations to build, operate, and deploy virtualized cyber resilient solutions with multiple use cases for cybersecurity software that includes DevOps and Cyber Ranges delivering training and exercises. As the number of cyber incidents grow exponentially, experts agree that while the traditional approach of focusing on hardening the perimeter, containing the attack surfaces and identifying threats will certainly reduce the likelihood of a cyber incident, they cannot completely eliminate the risk. It’s no longer about if, but when an attack takes place.

Cypherpath’s Cyber Resilience Platform enables organizations to maintain business continuity and seamlessly recover when an incident occurs. Our unique patented technology abstracts IT infrastructure holistically that includes thousands of virtual machines (VMs) representing computers (many with multiple CPUs) and endpoints that make up the entire IT infrastructure, into self-contained software defined cyber solutions. Cypherpath encapsulates virtual machines, networks and software into resilient services. So now compute, virtualization, networking, storage, and security get translated into a software defined holistic replica of the extended IT landscape, making it possible to simply revert to the most recent snapshot in the event of a major incident.

In response to many of our federal/defense and enterprise customers rapidly moving their compute workloads to the cloud, solutions delivered on the Cyber Resiliency Platform are also available as SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings which eliminate the cost and effort of maintaining physical disaster recovery hot sites while retaining the ability to instantly recover from malicious or unintended actions and potentially debilitating cyberattacks. With the Cyber Resiliency Platform, organizations now have more universal access, on premise or in the cloud, to key solutions that address some of the hardest cybersecurity threats using proven technology. Solutions capabilities based on the Cyber Resiliency Platform include:

  • Instant recovery of assets hijacked by Ransomware
  • Obfuscation – hide your assets, services and apps from Attack Surface Discovery
  • Instant remediation and recovery for Compromised Services
  • Recovery from Human Error almost instantly
  • Restoration to an operational state instantly following Malware infection
  • Modeling and Emulation to observe high risk payloads and data flows Impact mitigation from malicious Phishing Attacks
  • Replication of “golden configurations” to eliminate Single Points of Failure

Don’t forget to visit our newly redesigned website at www.cypherpath.com to learn how you can prepare your business holistically to continue to operate, deliver continuity and instantly recover from potentially disastrous cyber attacks. To create a free trial or to learn more about Cypherpath, please click on the links below.