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    Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)
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The simplest way to manage and run infrastructures anywhere seamlessly A distributed enterprise operating system for building and running infrastructures as files.

Simply create deploy run Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

Create enterprise environments with full software-defined infrastructure stacks as files. Deploy and run new and existing IT infrastructure on-demand using x86 based infrastructure (compute, network, storage).


Any Infrastructure


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Cypherpath SDI OS™

Why Cypherpath SDI OS?

Cypherpath SDI OS natively integrates compute, virtualization, networking, and storage into a scale-out stack to deploy enterprise private, hybrid and public infrastructures on bare metal hardware. Only Cypherpath simplifies every aspect of infrastructure management by deploying infrastructures as self-contained software-defined files.

True Hyper-Convergence

Cypherpath SDI OS delivers true hyper-convergence by integrating networking with compute and storage at the OS level. Run each SDI and all of its dependencies as self-contained files on any commodity hardware.

Seamless Infrastructure

Access Cypherpath SDI OS on private or managed public bare metal for seamless and consistent infrastructure operations. Create, deploy and run infrastructures on or off premise anytime, anywhere.

SDI as a File

Each infrastructure is executed as its own file and is treated just like a document so it can be edited, copied, shared, and backed up. Eliminate infrastructure discrepancies and reconfigs.

Single Click Operations

Manage and administrate infrastructure operations with a single click. Drive IT operations with point and click simplicity. Eliminate specialized skills while increasing efficiency and performance.

Cypherpath SDI OS Benefits

Cypherpath SDI OS abstracts enterprise infrastructure: hardware, software, network resources, storage, and services into self-contained SDIs. These SDIs can then be deployed and managed on-demand across scale-out clusters of x86 based compute, NFS based storage, and IP based networking. SDIs are completely under software control and can be provisioned dynamically by IT and DevOps teams to meet the needs of the applications and services that propel business.

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