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Rapidly build, operate, and deploy resilient cyber environments anywhere.

Be Ready. Be Resilient.

It's "Not If", but "when" an attack takes place

Increase your cyber resiliency to keep business continuity and recover when a crisis hits.

Cypherpath's platform delivers a continuous cycle of resilience:


Continuously prepare your workforce and systems, evaluate their ability to operate and defend your business.


Reveal patterns and trends. Monitor and detect adverse conditions. Optimize your ability to respond in a timely manner.


Flawlessly execute when an incident occurs. Accelerate time to remediation and contain the impact of an attack.


Instantly recover and replicate your services and data, maintaining business operations anywhere.

Why Choose Cypherpath?

Cypherpath is the only solution for rapidly building and operating holistic cyber environments across multiple hardware platforms and locations with ease. Cypherpath solutions are 100% software, provide enterprise-grade management, resiliency, mobility, and scalability to power any cyber environment on-demand.

Ease of use

Build, operate, and deploy holistic cyber environments with an intuitive drag and drop WYSIWYG interface.

Agility and Adaptability

Continuously keep your organization up to date against an evolving threat landscape.

Recovery and Reusability

Build cyber environments once and deploy in multiple venues. Download existing ones from Cypherpath Hub.

Fastest Time To Value

Deploy segmented holistic cyber environments in minutes using a small footprint and fast runtime.

One Product.

End-to-End Cyber Resiliency.


Build and test end-to-end prevention processes requiring adversaries to overcome multiple safeguards. Adapt and respond to existing and emerging threats. Assess individual and team cyber capabilities.

Critical Infrastructure

Deliver timely response and recovery actions to mitigate impact of critical infrastructure services. Manage cyber risk by delivering awareness training, detection processes, response, and recovery with cyber environments.

Test and Development

Mirror production environments and test them against existing and emerging technologies and threats. Provide safe and secure sandboxes to conduct malware analysis, penetration testing, and deception (honeynet/honeypot).

Cyber Agility and Mobility

Solve all the challenges associated with holistic cyber environment mobility, delivering a seamless experience across hybrid IT. Move and copy heterogeneous environments anywhere, eliminating failures and discrepancies.

Environment and Data Protection

Deliver simplified environment and data protection with unified backup, recovery, archiving, replication, and disaster recovery in a single software-defined infrastructure platform. Instantly recover any cyber environment.

Disaster Recovery and Replication

Replicate cyber environments across hybrid IT. Enable disaster recovery and replication across the lab, datacenter, cloud, or edge. Protect from site failures, enable cyber environment reuse, and recover anywhere.

What Customers Say

Brian Demuth
Executive Director, Cyber Range - Mantech International

The ease and simplicity of modifying, dynamically provisioning, and managing thousands of cyber environments at a time is a game changer for our operations.

Connor Riley
Cyber Systems Administrator- Northrop Grumman

Cypherpath has saved us a tremendous amount of time and makes perfect sense. Along with sharing environments with users, there is a capability to clone entire cyber environments.

Jim Homer
President - Jones and Bartlett Learning

Cypherpath enables us to rapidly build real world, scenario based cyber environments that align job and cert competencies. Students walk away with skills.

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TechTarget Modern Infrastructure Award

Winner 2017 Modern Infrastructure of the Year

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