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Rapidly build, operate, and deploy cyber workloads anywhere.

Train, Test, Exercise, Assess, and Respond

We Deliver SDI OS™

Agile - Software Defined - Programmable - Scalable - Portable

Our powerful multi-tenant distributed operating system (SDI OS) loads to your choice of hardware and lets you rapidly build, deploy and operate cyber workloads (SDIs) across Hybrid IT. SDI OS natively integrates compute, virtualization, networking, storage, and security into a scale-out cyber platform all in software. SDI OS takes cyber readiness to a whole new level by letting you easily define every aspect of each cyber workload and encapsulate it as a self-contained SDI with a single point of control. Each SDI can be saved, reused, shared, modified, copied and immutably cloned.


Easy to use and skills ready. On-demand design, configuration, and single click deployment of cyber workloads enabling self-service.


Rapid creation and deployment of cyber workloads containing OSs, VMs, containers, ISV products, and software defined networks.


Build cyber workloads once and deploy in one or multiple venues with confidence. Move cyber workloads across hybrid IT with ease when needed.


Easily clone workloads. Restrict configuration drift and improve uptime during unexpected events. Instances are redeployed, not restored from multiple unique versions.

Why Choose Cypherpath

Cypherpath is the only solution for rapidly building and operating agile cyber workloads across multiple hardware platforms and locations with ease. Cypherpath solutions are 100% software, provide enterprise-grade management, resiliency, and scalability to power any cyber environment on-demand.

Ease of use

Single-click cyber workloads, optimized productivity, and elimination of specialized skills.


Choice of x86 hardware, storage, networking, software, and deployment venues.

TCO Optimization

Reduction in IT expenses including opex and capex by as much as 80% while increasing efficiency.

Fastest Time To Value

Deploy complete isolated cyber environments in minutes using a small footprint and fast runtime.

One Product.

Multiple Workloads.

Agile Cyber Workloads

Rapidly build, deploy and operate cyber workloads anywhere. Support heterogeneous workloads, software, and network offerings with ease. Easily reuse/reconfigure workloads to address different scenarios.

Assess, Train, & Certify

Deploy immersive "live fire" military-grade cyber evaluation environments with real malware for hands-on learning and skill set advancement. Deliver cyber workloads to assess and certify human capital performance.

Dev Ops

Improve testing efficacy by producing "production equivalent" emulated and resettable cyber workloads for your DevOps testing pipeline. Provide self-service provisioning to meet the evolving needs of DevOps workloads.


Reduce risk, increase preparedness by assessing your cybersecurity readiness. Rapidly emulate your production workloads in software and conduct “live-fire” team exercises regularly. Train your personnel in your IT environment.

Test Environments & Labs.

Rapidly configure, modify, and deploy cyber workloads to test functionality and their updates on shared hardware. Each cyber workload is securely isolated at the kernel level from the others.

Edge Computing

Build cyber workloads centrally and deploy them in multiple locations consistently. Enable multiple tenancies and workloads at distributed sites. Easily reconfigure distributed cyber workloads.

What Customers Say

Brian Demuth
Executive Director, Cyber Range - Mantech International

The ease and simplicity of modifying, dynamically provisioning, and managing thousands of cyber environments at a time is a game changer for our operations.

Connor Riley
Cyber Systems Administrator- Northrop Grumman

Cypherpath has saved us a tremendous amount of time and makes perfect sense. Along with sharing workloads with users, there is a capability to clone entire cyber environments.

Jim Homer
President - Jones and Bartlett Learning

Cypherpath enables us to rapidly build real world, scenario based workload environments that align job and cert competencies. Students walk away with skills.

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TechTarget Modern Infrastructure Award

Winner 2017 Modern Infrastructure of the Year

InfoTech Spotlight

Most Innovative Datacenter Technology

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